How to use a ladder to clean windows.

Thinking about using ladders to clean your windows ?​

Using Ladders to Cleaning window looks like an easy task, but in fact, there are many factors that need to be in consideration if you want to carry out this activity safely and efficiently.

Here we show you some recommendations for cleaning windows in a property with more than one level.


Ladders to clean windows is one of the most important tools when do it by hand on levels different to basements or ground floors, in other words we usually use ladders for cleaning windows from the first floor, that is why before using them we need to carry out safety checks to avoid accidents.

On the market you can find different kinds of ladders but by experience we can say that the Alloy Ladder Double Section are the most secure and efficient for the Window Cleaner job.

They are very light and hold well to the ground, additionally and thanks to the pointed shape and the rubber on its upper part, it fixes well to surfaces such as wood, brick, metal, etc.

Ladders to Cleaning Window on Ground

The ground is other important point to consider when using ladders to clean windows or gutters and they need to be well checked before setting the ladders.

Now, some recommendations to set a latter on the floor depending on the surface.

Concrete – Brick – Pavement

  1. check the floor with your shoes, if they slip easily, it means that this place is not appropriate to place a ladder.
  2. Do not use the ladder on surfaces with algae or moss, it could be slippery.
  3. Place the ladder at an angle of degrees from the ground pushing and pulling it to see if the ladder moves

Ground – Grass

Ground and grass are the safest surfaces to place a ladder for cleaning windows and gutters. What we recommend to make it safer is to bury the legs of the ladder to the ground at least 3 centimetres and fix the upper part of the ladder to the wall.

Wood – Tiles

It is not advisable to use ladders on wooden or tile surfaces unless they are completely dry (in summer) and it is always recommended that a second person hold the ladder from below (footing).

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