A few days ago a customer contacted us who wanted a cleaning for his company’s building.  He usually used a reach and wash company with pure water system.  One day he saw me cleaning a house with my ladders and he liked that I did it using the traditional way.
I was in his company to evaluate the risks and the process to do a cleaning by hand.  He commented to me that usually his window cleaner did a good job but sometimes there were water marks left that when it dried he could see it on the glass.  And then on sunny days it bothered him to see those marks there.
Generally the reach and wash system does a good job as the water used for cleaning is pure water and should not leave any marks if the job is done right.
Another thing that can happen is that the water is not totally pure.  Sometimes when people are filtering the water to get the pure water, the filters are worn out and probably the filtering machine is in need of maintenance.  This causes particles such as lime or calcium to remain present in the water.
That is why it is highly recommended to check the Purity of the water regularly to guarantee a job well done.
This problem does not happen when cleaning by hand and with ladders.  We wash the windows with a lots of soap and dry them with our squeegee.  So there is little chance of leaving marks on the windows.
We also can reach up to second floor using our big ladders. Some time we wash with Reach and Wash system and finish drying everything with the squeegee. We know that it is work doble, but we want to give 100% of guarantee that the job the the best.

FAQS for Glass Building Cleaning:

Q: What was the reason for the customer to contact the company for cleaning their building? A: The customer contacted the company for a cleaning service for their company’s building.

Q: What cleaning method did the customer usually use for their windows? A: The customer usually used a reach and wash company with a pure water system for their windows.

Q: Why did the customer show interest in the traditional cleaning method? A: The customer saw the company cleaning a house with ladders and liked that it was done using the traditional way.

Q: What was the issue that the customer faced with the water marks on their windows? A: Sometimes there were water marks left on the glass after cleaning by the reach and wash system, which could be seen on sunny days.

Q: What causes water marks to be left on the glass during cleaning? A: The presence of particles such as lime or calcium in the water used for cleaning can cause water marks on the glass.

Q: How can this issue be prevented? A: Checking the purity of the water regularly can prevent the issue of leaving water marks on the glass.

Q: What is the advantage of cleaning by hand and with ladders? A: Cleaning by hand and with ladders reduces the chance of leaving marks on the windows compared to the reach and wash system.

Q: Can the company clean windows on the second floor? A: Yes, the company can reach up to the second floor using their big ladders.

Q: Does the company use the reach and wash system for cleaning windows? A: Yes, the company sometimes uses the reach and wash system and finishes drying with a squeegee to give a 100% guarantee for the job.


While Carlos Window Cleaning can provide effective solutions for many cleaning needs, we cannot guarantee that we can solve all problems. However, we are committed to doing our best to address any cleaning concerns our customers may have and strive to provide the highest quality service possible. If you have any specific cleaning needs or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will do our best to assist you.

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