Carlos Window Cleaning is a window cleaner specialized in cleaning by hand with ladders. Thanks to equipment we can reach a second floor to clean windows by hand. We try as much as possible to clean with our stairs, but we know that many times it is not possible and for that we have a second option with our reach and wash system. In this post we will show you How to Clean Building Windows With a Reach And Wash System.

Reach and Wash System:

Keeping windows clean is essential for any building, as it not only enhances its appearance but also ensures that it remains in good condition for a longer period of time. While traditional methods of cleaning windows using ladders or scaffolding are still used, there is now a more efficient and safer way to clean windows, and that is through the use of a reach and wash system.

The reach and wash system is an innovative method of cleaning windows that involves using purified water that is pumped up a long pole and sprayed onto the windows through a brush head. The purified water is free of minerals and other impurities, which means that it dries without leaving any marks or streaks on the glass. This system is ideal for buildings with high windows that cannot be cleaned using traditional methods.

Here are some steps on how to clean building windows using a reach and wash system:


1. Prepare the reach and wash system:

Before starting, make sure that the reach and wash system is set up properly. Fill the tank with purified water and attach the brush head to the end of the pole.

2.  Wet the window with the pure water:

Start by spraying the window with the purified water from the reach and wash system. This will help to loosen any dirt or grime that may be on the window.

We clean with reach and wash system in :

NW11, NW5, NW3, NW6, NW8, NW10, W8, N6, N1  

clean with reach and wash

3. Scrub the window with the long brush:

Once the window is wet, use the brush head to scrub the glass. The brush head should be moved in a circular motion, and care should be taken not to apply too much pressure, as this can damage the glass.

4.  Rinse the window with pure water:

After scrubbing the window, rinse it thoroughly with the purified water. This will remove any dirt or grime that was loosened during the scrubbing process.

5.  Dry the window:

Once the window has been rinsed, it should be left to dry naturally. The purified water used in the reach and wash system will dry without leaving any marks or streaks on the glass.


Although this post focuses on

How to Clean Building Windows With a Reach And Wash System

we would also like to mention the different methods that carlos window cleaning uses to clean windows.

We invite you to our YouTube channel to see our work and the different methods that Carlos Window Cleaning uses to clean windows, conservatories, skylights, gutters, pressure washing, solar panel bird proofing. Click here Carlos Window Window YouTube


Different methods of cleaning windows in houses and buildings


Cleaning windows with ladders:

This method is often used for low-rise buildings or windows on the ground floor. The cleaner sets up a ladder against the building and climbs up to the window to clean it using a squeegee and a cleaning solution. This method can be dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.


Our work team has more than 10 years cleaning windows with ladders, in addition we always constantly check our equipment to avoid accidents and to be able to do our job safely.

window cleaner in willesden

Cleaning windows with a reach and wash system:

This method is used for windows that are higher up and out of reach. A reach and wash system uses telescopic poles and purified water to clean windows from the ground. The cleaner attaches a brush to the pole and uses it to scrub the window, then rinses it with the purified water. This method is safer than using ladders, as the cleaner does not need to climb up to the window.

Cleaning windows from the inside:

This method is used when the windows can be opened from the inside of the building. The cleaner uses a squeegee and a cleaning solution to clean the window from the inside, then wipes it down with a microfiber cloth. This method is safe and easy, but may not be possible for windows that cannot be opened.

clean windows from inside

Cleaning windows with a harness:

This method is used for high-rise buildings or windows that are difficult to access. The cleaner wears a harness that is attached to a rope or cable, which is then secured to the building. The cleaner can then lower themselves down to the window to clean it using a squeegee and a cleaning solution. This method is the safest, but also the most expensive and requires specialized training and equipment.

window cleaning with harness

In conclusion, the reach and wash system is an effective and safe method for cleaning building windows, particularly for those that are high up and out of reach. By using telescopic poles and purified water, this method allows for the windows to be cleaned from the ground, without the need for ladders or harnesses.

One company that provides window cleaning services in London is Carlos Window Cleaning. They offer a range of services to cover various cleaning needs, including cleaning windows by hand, from the inside, with a reach and wash system, and with a harness. They cover many areas in London, such as Hampstead, St John’s Wood, Kensington, Willenden, Kensai Town, Camden, Islington, Highgate, and Maida Vale.

If you’re looking for a professional window cleaning service that can effectively clean your building’s windows, Carlos Window Cleaning may be the right choice for house decoration and cleaning. They have the experience and expertise to clean windows of all shapes and sizes, and can provide a solution that fits your specific needs.

Here a few videos about How to Clean Building Windows With a Reach And Wash System and how to clean a conservatory by brush.

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I would highly recommend Carlos. He responded very quickly and did a great job. His price is reasonable and he was fast and efficient.
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Rebecca Howard
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Exceptional service! Carlos did an outstanding job - quick, efficient and left my windows sparkling. His pricing is very reasonable too. I highly recommend Carlos for anyone in need of top notch window cleaning!
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Alex Donohue
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Adam Pruchniewicz
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