Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels

Get the protection of your solar panels with our reliable and efficient pigeon proofing solutions. At Carlos Window Cleaning, we understand the importance of keeping your solar panels in optimal condition, free from damage caused by pesky pigeons. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we offer top-grade pigeon proofing services that will ensure the long-lasting functionality of your solar panels. Trust our talented team of professionals to provide thorough solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Say goodbye to the worries of pigeon-related damage and enjoy the benefits of clean, efficient solar energy with our exceptional   pigeon proofing for solar panels.


Carlos Cleaning is dedicated to provide our customers the finest service possible. We take great satisfaction in our meticulous attention to detail and our ability to customise our services to each individual client’s demands. To arrange for pigeon pest control service and safeguard your property against unwelcome bird activity, get in touch with us right now.

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February 5, 2024.
Fast, friendly and great service, highly recommended.
Justine Glenton
Justine Glenton
January 12, 2024.
Speedy, efficient and fab windows. Delighted. Lovely chaps too. I will book again.
Alfie Kirkpatrick
Alfie Kirkpatrick
January 7, 2024.
Good value, friendly and efficient 👍
Susan Bender
Susan Bender
October 23, 2023.
Expertly executed job, Carlos was swift, tidy and extremely pleasant. I would highly recommend
yolande harris
yolande harris
September 30, 2023.
Carlos pigeoned proofed our Soar Panels and also cleaned underneath them to harmlessly evict the pigeons. An excellent job and would highly recommend this company.
Stanislav Skriabine
Stanislav Skriabine
September 27, 2023.
We were extremely satisfied with Carlos - he very quickly responded to our cleaning ask and we managed to arrange a clean within 48Hrs. All our windows (2nd floor house) were cleaned to an exceptionally good standard (still shining!) and the price was much better than comparable cleaners. We highly recommend Carlos to anyone looking to get their windows cleaned at a reasonable price in the Warwick Avenue/Maida Vale area!
donna campbell
donna campbell
September 19, 2023.
Lovely guys, trustworthy, and helpful. Very professional, tidy and very happy with results highly recommended.
Zoe Ryan
Zoe Ryan
September 19, 2023.
Very friendly, done a great job at pigeon proofing our solar panels, was on time, would highly recommend

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Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels in Enfield:


Because there was a conservatory with a piece of solar panels directly below the roof, this installation was quite difficult. However, because of our prior harness-using knowledge, we were able to reach them and complete the task effectively. While up there, we also took advantage of the opportunity to remedy other gutter leaks. Because the problems were resolved, the client was delighted.

Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels in Watford:

We utilised an extremely durable mesh for this installation because the customer’s prior mesh solar panel was destroyed by wind. We’ve made the decision to take down the outdated one and install a solar panel proofing made of the best material available.

Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels in St Albans:

We installed Five sections of solar panels on the roof in this difficult solar panel proofing in St. Albans. Our equipment allowed us to access the area and finish the task, and as a result, there are no longer any birds on the property. You can read the customer’s extremely positive review by clicking the following link https://g.co/kgs/xpHVPC


 To watch more video about the different location in UK, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel:


Why Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels is necessary?

It is important to protect the solar panels with a mesh, since once the pigeons begin to live under the panels, it can bring big hygiene problems for your house and malfunction of the solar panel.

How do we install a Pigeon Proofing for solar panels ?

One of the best ways to protect your home and solar panels is with a professional installation of good-quality Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing.

Although the pigeons will be around for some time, once we have done the installation of metal mesh for solar panels, they will not be able to live under your solar panel again.

How much does it cost a solar panels pigeon proofing?


The cost of pigeon proofing solar panel varies depending on several factors, including the size of your panels, the type of pigeon proofing system you choose, and the complexity of the installation. Generally, the price range for this service is between £300 and £1,000. When selecting a company for pigeon proofing, it’s important to choose one that offers high-quality services at a reasonable price. In this regard, Carlos Window Cleaning is a commendable choice. Operating in the UK, Carlos Window Cleaning is renowned for providing excellent pigeon proofing services at competitive prices.

Important FAQs for roofing owners about pigeon pest control:

  • Why is it a concern to have pigeons?

    Pigeons pose a threat as they can damage structures, roofs, solar panels, and create health risks with their droppings. Their loud noises and nesting habits can also be disruptive.

  • What are ways to avert pigeon-related issues?

    To deter pigeons, it’s advisable to install preventive measures like pigeon netting, bird spikes, or other deterrents. Early intervention is key to stop pigeons from nesting on your property.

  • What does pigeon proofing for solar panels entail?

    Pigeon proofing for solar panels involves setting up barriers to keep pigeons from nesting under the panels, which is crucial to avoid damage and the fire risks posed by pigeon droppings.

  • Are pigeon pest control methods humane?

    Indeed, pigeon pest control can be conducted humanely. At Carlos Cleaning, we employ methods that effectively remove pigeons without causing them harm.

  • How much time is required for pigeon pest control?

    The duration for pigeon pest control varies based on the infestation’s extent and the preventive strategies employed. Our team will evaluate your situation and estimate the time required to resolve the issue.

  • Do I need pigeon pest control for my property?

    If your property is experiencing pigeon issues, addressing them promptly is vital to prevent damage and unsanitary conditions. Our professionals can evaluate your situation and suggest appropriate pest control solutions.

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