A renewable energy installation on your property could bring Pigeons under solar panels. As the demand for renewable energy sources continues to soar, solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice for households and businesses alike. However, with their rise in popularity, an unforeseen issue has emerged: pigeons seeking refuge under solar panels. These avian intruders can cause damage to the panels and create a mess that requires immediate attention. 

Pigeon Deterrence Methods: Preventing pigeons from accessing the undersides of solar panels requires implementing strategies that discourage their presence. Here are a few effective methods:


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Metal Mesh installation for Solar Panels:


Installing a metal mesh barrier is one of the most reliable solutions for pigeon-proofing solar panels. The mesh acts as a physical deterrent, preventing pigeons from gaining access to the gaps beneath the panels. It is important to choose a mesh with openings small enough to deter pigeons but still allow for adequate airflow and maintenance access.
It is very important to use durable materials and find a professional installer to do this. A bad installation of a metal mesh could bring you headaches in the future.

solar panel bird proofing


Anti-Pigeon Spikes:


Another commonly employed method is the use of anti-pigeon spikes. These spike strips are attached to the perimeter of solar panels, making it difficult for pigeons to land or perch. The spikes are harmless and designed to deter rather than harm the birds.

We usually do not recommend spikes for solar panels, due to the way that is usually used to fix them it is not very reliable, since they are usually glued. The glue over time peels off and the spikes can fall off. We usually use spike to place them in tube, tiles, metal or concrete.


spikes for pigeos

Ultrasonic Devices for pigeons:


Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are unpleasant to pigeons, discouraging them from nesting beneath solar panels. These devices are easy to install and environmentally friendly, providing an effective and humane deterrent.

According to Triple Scan technology, birds can be detected from a distance and driven away by sound waves. Depending on the season, you can configure a number of modes on the device itself.

Pigeons have the same range of audible hearing as humans. So, if you can’t hear the sounds coming from an ultrasonic device, birds can’t either.

How to stop pigeons under solar panels

    To effectively pigeon-proof your solar panels and prevent pigeons from nesting underneath, follow these steps:


    Solar Mesh for Pigeons

    • Assess the Area: Before taking any preventive measures, thoroughly inspect your solar panel installation to identify potential entry points or areas where pigeons may find shelter. Look for gaps, openings, or any areas that provide access beneath the panels.
    • Install Metal Mesh: Metal mesh is a reliable solution for pigeon-proofing solar panels. Measure the dimensions of each panel and cut the mesh accordingly. Ensure that the mesh has small openings to prevent pigeons from entering, but still allows for proper ventilation and maintenance access. Secure the mesh tightly using clips or brackets, covering all potential entry points.
    • Seal Openings and Gaps: Carefully inspect the area surrounding the solar panels and seal any openings or gaps where pigeons could gain access. Use sealant or caulk to close gaps between panels, roof edges, or any other vulnerable areas.

    Spikes, Solar Panels and Pigeons

    • Implement Anti-Pigeon Spikes: Anti-pigeon spikes can be attached to the edges or perimeters of solar panels to deter pigeons from landing or roosting. These spikes have blunt tips and are designed to be harmless, but they create an uncomfortable surface for pigeons, making it difficult for them to perch. Install the spikes securely to ensure they are effective.
    • Use Bird Netting: Bird netting is another effective method to prevent pigeons from accessing the space under solar panels. Install the netting around the perimeter of the panels, creating a barrier that prevents pigeons from entering. Ensure that the netting is taut and securely fastened to prevent birds from getting tangled.

    CDs and Aluminum Foils

    • Employ Visual Deterrents: Pigeons can be deterred by visual stimuli. Hang reflective objects, such as CDs or aluminum foil strips, around the solar panel area to create movement and reflective surfaces. This can disorient pigeons and discourage them from nesting.
    • Maintain Cleanliness: Pigeons are attracted to food sources and debris. Regularly clean the area around the solar panels, removing any food scraps, nesting materials, or droppings. Keeping the area clean and free from potential food sources will discourage pigeons from roosting.

    Check the following video where Carlos window Cleaning does a professional installation for stop pigeons under solar panels:

    What happens after a solar panel proofing installation


    After an installation of Solar Panel pigeons proofing it is advisable to wash the panels and spread disinfectant around them (IT IS NOT THE INSTALLATION), in order to reduce odors. It is important to know that the pigeons will try to enter what was once their home. So it will be around the house for at least a month.. sometimes it can be longer.

    After installing pigeon-proofing measures for your solar panels, it’s essential to monitor and maintain the system to ensure its effectiveness in deterring pigeons. Here are some steps to take after installation:

    • Regular Inspections: Schedule periodic inspections to check for any signs of pigeon activity or potential areas of vulnerability. Look for any gaps, damage to the mesh or netting, or signs of nesting. Early detection allows for timely repairs or adjustments to maintain the effectiveness of the pigeon-proofing measures.
    • Prompt Repairs: If you notice any damage to the metal mesh, anti-pigeon spikes, or bird netting, make repairs promptly. Pigeons can exploit even small openings or weaknesses in the deterrent system, so it’s crucial to address any issues as soon as possible to prevent them from accessing the area under the solar panels.
    • Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean the area around the solar panels to remove any debris, nesting materials, or food sources that might attract pigeons. Cleaning the panels themselves can also help maintain their efficiency. By keeping the surroundings clean, you discourage pigeons from being drawn to the area.
    • Monitor Pigeon Activity: Keep an eye on pigeon behavior around your solar panels. If you notice persistent pigeon activity or attempts to breach the deterrent measures, you may need to consider additional strategies or consult professionals for further assistance.
    • Seek Professional Help if Needed: If you are experiencing ongoing issues with pigeons despite your efforts, consider consulting bird control specialists or pest management professionals. They can assess the situation, provide expert advice, and suggest additional measures or techniques to further deter pigeons from nesting under the solar panels.



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    Gutter Cleaning after solar panels proofing installation


    Cleaning the gutters after the installation of pigeon-proofing measures is important for several reasons:

    • Prevent Clogs: Pigeon droppings, feathers, twigs, leaves, and other debris can accumulate in the gutters over time. If not cleaned regularly, these materials can lead to clogs, obstructing the flow of water. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and spill onto the roof or the area surrounding the solar panels, potentially leading to water damage.
    • Maintain Proper Water Drainage: Clean gutters ensure proper water drainage from the roof. When gutters are clogged, water can back up and pool near the solar panels or infiltrate the roof, increasing the risk of water damage. Proper water drainage is essential to protect the structural integrity of your property and prevent moisture-related issues.
    • Prevent Nesting Opportunities: Pigeons are attracted to cluttered and debris-filled areas, including clogged gutters. By regularly cleaning the gutters, you eliminate potential nesting opportunities for pigeons. Pigeon nests can cause damage to the gutter system and contribute to an increased pigeon population around your property.
    • Preserve the Effectiveness of Pigeon-Proofing Measures: Pigeon-proofing measures, such as metal mesh or spikes, are installed to prevent pigeons from accessing the area under the solar panels. However, if the gutters are clogged and overflowing, pigeons may still find an alternative way to access the space, potentially undermining the effectiveness of the pigeon-proofing measures. Keeping the gutters clean ensures that pigeons are deterred from nesting under the solar panels.
    • Overall Maintenance: Regularly cleaning the gutters is a part of general maintenance for your property. It helps keep your roofing and drainage system in good condition, reducing the risk of water damage, leaks, or other issues that can affect the longevity and efficiency of your solar panel system.

    By cleaning the gutters after installing pigeon-proofing measures, you ensure the proper functioning of the gutter system, maintain the effectiveness of pigeon deterrence, and protect your property from potential water damage. It is a proactive step to preserve the integrity of your solar panel installation and optimize its performance.


    Feel Free to contact us for a quote via text (WhatSapp) or email:

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    Email: cleaningrcw@gmail.com



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