Solar Panels Pigeon Proofing

Are pigeons causing damage to your solar panels or posing a health risk to your family? At Carlos Window Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive solar  panels pigeon proofing service to help protect your property from these pesky birds.

Our team of experts specialise in solar panel pigeon proofing, utilizing a range of humane and effective methods to keep pigeons away from your panels. We use high-quality materials to install protective barriers that prevent pigeons from nesting, roosting, or damaging your solar panels.

While cleaning solar panels on roofs we noticed the big mess pigeons leave when they fly around or when they live under panels. When thinking about having solar panels installed on your roof you will also need to think in advance about good Pigeons Pest Control. A good way to prevent this is by installing a Solar Panels Pigeon Proofing.

At Carlos Cleaning, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each customer. Contact us today to schedule your pigeon pest control service and protect your property from unwanted bird activity.

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April 25, 2024.
I would highly recommend Carlos. He responded very quickly and did a great job. His price is reasonable and he was fast and efficient.
Rebecca Howard
Rebecca Howard
April 23, 2024.
Exceptional service! Carlos did an outstanding job - quick, efficient and left my windows sparkling. His pricing is very reasonable too. I highly recommend Carlos for anyone in need of top notch window cleaning!
Alex Donohue
Alex Donohue
April 4, 2024.
Professional, efficient and left my windows shining, my gutters cleared and the moss from my roof removed. Great service and highly recommended.
Neil Cohen
Neil Cohen
March 18, 2024.
Carlos provides an excellent service! Very reliable and responsive, well priced. Very happy
Adam Pruchniewicz
Adam Pruchniewicz
March 6, 2024.
Very pleased with the windows which were filthy before, now sparkling and we can actually see out of them! Carlos and his colleague were great! I would definitely recommend!
Craig Cornock
Craig Cornock
March 1, 2024.
Great service by Carlos. Our skylights are pristine. Good price too! Recommended.
February 5, 2024.
Fast, friendly and great service, highly recommended.
Justine Glenton
Justine Glenton
January 12, 2024.
Speedy, efficient and fab windows. Delighted. Lovely chaps too. I will book again.

Solar Panel Proofing in Enfield:


This installation had a high degree of difficulty because there was a conservatory just below the roof where there was a section of solar panels. But thanks to our experience with the use of harnesses, we were able to access to them and do the job satisfactorily. We also took advantage of being up there and fixed several leaking problems in the gutters. So the client was very happy for the issues solved.

Solar Panel Proofing in Watford:

For this work we have used a very resistant mesh since the customer had previously a mesh solar panel and it had been dismantled by the wind. We have decided to dismantle the old one and install a solar panel proofing with the best material on the market.

Solar Panel Proofing in St Albans:

This solar panel proofing installation in St Albans had 5 sections of solar panels in different locations on the roof. Thanks to our equipment we were able to access and complete the job and now the property is free of birds. The customer left us a very possitive review that you can check in the following link


To see more video about the different of Solar Panels Bird Proofing installations around the UK, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel:

Why we do it?

It is important to protect the solar panels with a mesh, since once the pigeons begin to live under the panels, it can bring big hygiene problems for your house and malfunction of the solar panel.

How do we install a solar panels pigeon proofing?

One of the best ways to protect your home and solar panels is with a professional installation of good-quality Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing.

Although the pigeons will be around for some time, once we have done the installation of metal mesh for solar panels, they will not be able to live under your solar panel again.

How much does it cost a solar panels pigeon proofing?


How much does pigeon proofing solar panels cost? The size of your solar panels, the kind of pigeon proofing system you select, and the installation’s intricacy are some of the variables that will affect the answer to this question. Pigeon proofing solar panels typically costs between £300 and £1,000, on average.

It’s crucial to pick a reliable business that can provide high-quality and reasonably priced services when it comes to pigeon proofing your solar panels. Carlos Window Cleaning can help in this situation. Carlos Window Cleaning, based in the UK, has built a solid reputation for offering top-notch pigeon proofing services at some of the best costs in the region.

Important FAQs for roofing owners about pigeon pest control:

  1. Why are pigeons a problem?

Pigeons can cause damage to buildings, roofs, and solar panels, as well as create unsanitary conditions with their droppings. They can also be a nuisance with their noise and roosting habits.

  1. How can pigeon problems be prevented?

Pigeon problems can be prevented by taking measures such as installing pigeon netting, bird spikes, or deterrents. It is important to take action early on to prevent pigeons from roosting in or on your property.

  1. What is solar panel pigeon proofing?

Solar panel pigeon-proofing involves installing protective measures around solar panels to prevent pigeons from roosting and nesting underneath them. This is important to prevent damage to the panels and potential fire hazards from pigeon droppings.

  1. Is pigeon pest control humane?

Yes, pigeon pest control can be humane. At Carlos Cleaning, we use safe and effective methods to remove pigeons from your property without harming them.

  1. How long does pigeon pest control take?

The length of time it takes to control a pigeon problem depends on the severity of the infestation and the measures taken to prevent them from returning. Our team will assess your situation and provide an estimate of the time needed to address the issue.

  1. Is pigeon pest control necessary for my property?

If you have a pigeon problem on your property, it is important to address it as soon as possible to prevent damage and unsanitary conditions. Our team can assess your situation and provide recommendations for necessary pest control measures.

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